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Recessed kitchen lighting niches well into the walls. Read to know about the kitchen recessed light fixture.

Information on Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Recessed lighting is a light plan in which the light fixtures are installed directly into a hollow portion or opening in a ceiling. It is also known as downlight, pot light, and can light. Recessed light is used in many kitchens as they adapt to different lighting functions. The recessed kitchen light is, essentially, composed of the frame in and its reflector. This may vary, depending on the type of ceiling construction, and the height of the joist, based on which reflector is chosen or trimmed for specific requirements.

Recessed trims can be purchased according to their performance, looks, shielding and amount of light. To achieve the best results, use quality lights. Taking into account that work area serves the most important function of the household kitchen, recessed lighting should be fitted above stoves and cooking areas to offer sufficient lighting during meal preparation. Counter-tops should have ample lighting in strategic locations to avoid shadows and possibility of kitchen accidents.

Types of Recessed Lights
Basically, there are four types of recessed lights. Each of the given four recessed lighting types creates a different light pattern. All you require is to choose the right reflector in order that it provides optimum light and prevents glare. And the illumination you get depends on the type of recessed lighting you select from the provided.
  • Open down lights that light straight down
  • Enclosed down lights also light straight down, however they are enclosed
  • Accent recessed down lights, which are adjustable, and light downward at an angle at which you want to highlight something
  • Wall wash down lights that light a larger area from high up. These lights can be of two types: one looks like an open down light and the other is half covered. The half covered one is of lower wattage to evade build up of heat inside the light fixture.
How To Position Recessed Kitchen Light
Owing to vast choice in mounting, design, style and performance, recessed lighting fixtures can be used in many areas in the kitchen. The type of recessed lighting you select relies on the layout of your kitchen, its lighting needs, and certainly, the kind of look you wish for. While positioning these lights, see to it that the cabinet doesn't get in the way of the cone of the downlight. You have to decide if you want areas to have focused lighting or just require a continuous stream of light. The spot, where you position the recessed down light, will draw a conclusion how intense the light will be and the pattern of light it gives out. When you're planning recessed lighting plan layout for kitchen, you need to consider the kitchen's cabinetry along with many other things.