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The rustic architecture is not complete without rustic lighting. In this article, we will discuss the concept of kitchen lighting in general and kitchen’s rustic lighting’s selection in particular.

Selecting Rustic Lighting For Kitchen

Lighting is a constitutional part of the kitchen décor. Without proper lighting, all of the art work and delicate details would go un-noticed. Also, without proper lighting, the functional aspect of the kitchen is also affected. Lighting in the kitchen décor world has slowly become a big thing. When people hire Kitchen decorators, they side by side hire lighting designers as well. The interior designers and lighting designers work hand in hand, to make the project a success. Because, like every other aspect of the kitchen décor, lighting does not only serve as an aspect for beautification of the kitchen but, is also quintessential for the kitchen’s proper functionality. There are mainly three types of lighting in the kitchen décor world; general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. General lighting is used in lighting the whole of the kitchen area; it makes sure that every functional corner in the kitchen is illuminating. Task lighting is shadow-free lighting with the sole purpose of focusing on a particular functional part of the kitchen. It falls directly on the surface of action in the kitchen. These are generally under the counter lights and over the kitchen island. Accent lighting is to accentuate the detailed work or intricacies of architectural designs in the kitchen. These days, people spend a lot of money and time on getting their kitchens designed exquisitely; there is absolutely no point in that if these details are in the dark or dingy corners. The beauty of the whole décor lies in the right visibility of all the architectural specifics. These accent lights come in the form of pendant lights, colorful lights, spotlights, etc., adding dramatic effect to the kitchen. In addition to these, there are decorative lights as well with the role of purely decorating the kitchen. This can be achieved with chandeliers, pendant lights and other fixture plays. The success of these different lighting techniques depends only on one factor, harmony. The process of harmonizing different lighting techniques is called layering. Layering makes sure that none of these lighting forms are in contrast with each other or glaring sharply and hampering the normal functionality of the kitchen. Right kind of lighting gives a kitchen warm and inviting environment. In today’s times, kitchens are not restricted to preparations and cooking, it is slowly turning into the most social corner of the house. People have started entertaining their guests in the kitchen area now. For this new functionality of the kitchens, as a social gathering place, the role of proper lighting becomes all the more important. There are different types of themes in these lighting types. One of these themes is rustic, primarily belonging to the decorative lighting style. In this article, we will discuss different aspects of rustic kitchen lighting:

Rustic Lighting For Rustic Looking Kitchen

Rustic lighting in the kitchen gives an antique look to the atmosphere in the kitchen. Because of the rustic lighting, exquisite warmth is instilled in the architectural design of the kitchen. It gives a laid-back, relaxed and luxurious character to your kitchen. But, it only makes sense if the basic architecture of the kitchen goes along with it. If the décor of your kitchen is cottage-styled or country house-styled or has farm house look to it, then rustic lighting is perfect for your kitchen.

Most of the décor in the kitchen with rustic lighting should be, to be able to produce harmony, made of natural material, primarily wood. Floral prints in the curtains and tiles would also match perfectly with rustic lighting in the kitchen.

Rustic lighting, whether it is in the kitchen or garden or living room or any other part of the house, gives off a vintage look. It is a best sort of lighting if you want your kitchen to have a mellow look. It has a by-gone feel to it, representing another world, another time. This is the main reason why it is in trend these days. In the midst of modern, contemporary and sleek structures, people are drawn towards the décor of gone by times. Rustic lighting is the most effective way to achieve the nostalgic look architecture wise.

Types Of Rustic Lights

Vintage Pendants: These rustic lights generally have open cage structure, merged with a conservative candelabra base. These are the new trend setting chandeliers in the world of rustic lights. These are typically used over the kitchen tables or kitchen islands.

Rustic chandeliers: These are designed in muted or multi-colored frames, with straps made out of leather. This gives a neo-look to the traditional rustic idea; a cross between traditional idea and new structure. This ends up providing a very charming look to the kitchen.

Lanterns: This type of lighting was until now, quintessentially, used in the outdoor places. But its innovative use and decorative value has been found indoors as well. It gives a rich, old-style look to your kitchen.

Small Sized Pendants: These pendants are readily used in the contemporary kitchens but, these can very well be used in the rustic lighting design. You can choose from the antique look-alike, cooper and bronze hues.