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Small kitchens can be made as attractive and efficient as big kitchens; here in this article, we will discuss some ideas on remodeling a small kitchen, on budget, to give it some character and efficiency.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas On A Budget

Architectural and home design magazines generally sell the idea of huge kitchen spaces, with a lot of character to it. It is an idea well incepted in our heads; whenever we think of a beautiful of kitchen, we imagine a spacious structure with a lot of sunlight, storage space and beautiful architecture. But the truth is most of us live in houses with small kitchens. These popular designs and architectural ideas are for big and luxurious kitchens. Smaller kitchen requires for a complete different set of rules in designing. These smaller kitchens already have a warm and cozy feeling to it. To give it more of a character is not a big task, but it is, nonetheless, a clever work. Like big kitchens, it does not require a frenzy of remodeling but, needs methodical and scientific approach to it. It sometimes becomes a complex task to maintain the efficiency and style in a small kitchen. To remodel a small kitchen, it is important to keep three major aspects in mind: storage space, light and kitchen appliances. A kitchen without well-thought out storage space, is of no use. If you can not store properly in your kitchen and it looks cluttered with stuff lying here and there, then no matter what, your kitchen will never look efficient and beautiful. The lighting has to be perfect and plenty in a small kitchen. If a small kitchen is dingy and dark then it is doomed; light brighten ups the little corners of the smaller kitchen, giving it the look of a bigger space. Right placement of the kitchen appliances is also a complicated art. Small kitchens need articulation when it comes to harmoniously putting all the important kitchen appliances together. If all the bulky appliances are put together without giving it much thought then, the already small kitchen would look much smaller. Kitchens with small spaces need to be remodeled in a way that it fulfills the necessary needs and looks beautiful; solves the purpose and is easy on eyes. In this article, we will give you some ideas on small kitchen remodeling, on a budget:
  • Try remodeling you kitchen with small and compact kitchen appliances. There are appliances available in the market these days that are less deep. You can fit your microwave in the corner, below the cabinets. You can also get these appliances integrated together in the big cabinets, so that it covers less space and everything looks sleek and compact, giving you small kitchen an uncluttered look.
  • You can built a kitchen island and save yourself a lot of space in the small kitchen. If you are running on a budget then you can built these islands yourself. These kitchen islands act as storage spaces, preparation areas and dinning tables. With its multi-purpose use, you can utilize the centre space and divert the kitchen traffic in the centre and do a lot with it as far as storage is concerned. It also gives a character to your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to have a modern look then you can chose a contemporary kitchen island. If you want a rustic and traditional look then there are many other options available.
  • Another clever trick is to hang your pots and pans on the pot rack on the ceiling, perhaps above a kitchen island. This frees your cabinet a lot space to fill it with crockery and other utensils. This also gives your kitchen a certain sort of charm and rustic character.
  • If you have a gallery just when you enter the kitchen or just outside of it, then you can use this space to put your cabinets and appliances. This is called the gallery kitchen.
  • You can put the light fixtures, ceiling light in such a way that it gives an illusion that your kitchen is quite spacious. You can also use down lighters to divert the eye from the bulky cabinets. Unless you will find a way to bring in more light naturally or artificially into your small kitchen, you will never be able to make it look like it is spacious and full of character.
  • Make sure that when you are remodeling your small kitchen, you should build a large window or a glass door or a French door. This allows plenty of light to enter into your kitchen, which will lighten up all the little details of your kitchen and it will look bright and beautiful. You can also go for glaze ceilings, if it is possible to incorporate into your remodeling; glaze ceilings are a constant source of light into the kitchen and looks beautiful.
  • Have a smaller eating area in the kitchen. Try to keep t compact. Wiser idea is to use the kitchen island as the dinning area as well, by putting bar stools around it.
  • Keep your kitchen less cluttered. Clutter makes spaces look small and bulky. You should aim at keeping everything inside cabinets and placed systematically.
  • In a small kitchen, there is not much opportunity to give it a distinct character therefore; you can paint the doors and cabinets with darker shades while keeping the walls muted. The dark furniture, doors and cabinets will give a warm personality to your kitchen and lighter walls will give it a sense of space.
  • If your kitchen does not have a small garden then you can create your own. You can use the longest window in the kitchen and hang plants on it, to make it into a suspended garden. You can also grow herbs in your kitchen and give it a beautiful look.
  • You can construct your cabinets and the kitchen island with show legs. With these show legs you can see beneath the units, giving an illusion that the kitchen is larger than it seems. If the floor is reflective then this effect doubles up.
  • You can also use some other effective methods to remodel you small kitchen in such a way that it looks larger; you can decorate your kitchen with small cute buys instead of big and broad decoratives, you can use pull-out cupboards, glossy floors and units to reflect more light. Deeper counters, etc.