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Apron kitchen sinks lend a very warm and soothing look to your kitchen. Read about the kitchen apron sink.

All About Apron Kitchen Sinks

In the present time, kitchens have taken a multi-functional role with separate work zones. Out of the 'zones' in the room, the kitchen sink is the busiest work area. This has caused the sinks to evolve as an element of the Decor of the kitchen. Manufacturers have recognized the importance of sinks as both functional and decorative elements of the kitchen. That is why more and more companies are coming up with a wide variety of kitchen sinks, designed in configurations that can accommodate many functions as well as suit the varying needs of the consumers. Apart from the wide range of materials, sinks are available in a number of shapes and sizes, to suit the different needs of the home owners. Here in this article, we have discussed about apron kitchen sinks, one of the popular types of kitchen sinks.

Apron Sink For Kitchen
  • Apron sink is characterized by a front end that rides above the surrounding countertop. It projects out slightly from the supporting cabinetry. The basin or bowl of the apron kitchen sink is deep. It comes in single as well as double-bowl designs.
  • Apart from the most common white, apron kitchen sinks are available in colors including bone, bisque, black and other colors.
  • Apron kitchen sink is distinguished from other types kitchen sinks in terms of its design and the choice of materials used to make it.
  • Apron kitchen sink is also called farmhouse sinks, because it is widely found in rural homes, since the past many decades.
  • If you want to incorporate the rustic farmhouse look into your kitchen design, then installing an apron kitchen sink will be a nice idea. You may recreate the 19th or 20th century's kitchen by using apron sinks.
  • Apron kitchen sinks are widely available in stainless steel, copper and cast iron. You can also get apron sinks made of vitreous china as well. Out of the four, the most common is cast-iron sink, covered in an enamel finish. It is rare to find an apron sink made of copper.
  • Nickel, chrome, marble and brass are the recent additions to the wide selection of materials used for making apron kitchen sinks.
  • Apron kitchen sink is deep enough to accommodate heavy utensils such as large pots.
  • Any water dripping from the lip of the apron kitchen sink would directly fall to the floor, without damping the wood of the cabinet countertop. That way, it prevents a lot of damage to the kitchen cabinets.
  • Apron sinks are the best bet for small sized kitchen, because they occupy very little space.
  • Apron kitchen sink is a popular choice because of its durability.