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To make your kitchen beautiful, it is important to pay attention to the ceiling. In this article, we will take in-depth about kitchen ceiling tile design and décor ideas.

Kitchen Ceiling Tile Design And Décor Ideas

Kitchen is an important as well as interesting part of the home décor. A really bright, spacious kitchen can enhance the look of the whole house whereas; a dingy, small-spaced kitchen can bring its beauty down. In the kitchen décor, ceiling plays an essential role. You can do a lot with the kitchen ceilings, experiment with it to make your kitchen look unique. Even in small. Tight or architecturally difficult spaces, you can create an attractive kitchen ceiling style. A well structured kitchen ceiling can beautify the furnishing and color of the kitchen. A ceiling can accentuate many factors in the kitchen. One of those factors is texture; you can play around with tiles to give your kitchen a particular texture like: rustic or sleek-modern or charming, etc. It can also give your kitchen an emphatic shape. Whether you want to widen it, or bring it into square shape, you can play with the kitchen ceiling and add more definite lines and proportion to your kitchen. A ceiling can act as a focal point of the kitchen if you put more emphasis on it. With massively-spaced kitchens, having a specific, concise and creative ceiling can add more focus to the kitchen. Ceiling can also bring design to your kitchen or help in the continuation of the already existing uniformity of design in the kitchen. You can either use the ceiling in the contrast by giving it a different look from the rest of the design or use is as a conjunction between two contrasting styles in the same kitchen. All in all, a kitchen ceiling is a big creative opportunity, from specifying the different areas in the kitchen to adding more vibe and color to it, ceilings can be called the deal-breakers in the kitchen décor. When you have finished deciding what kind of kitchen ceiling you want in your kitchen, it is the time to decide what type of tiles would give your ceiling that specific look. You can either choose the tile that goes in harmony with the other tiles in your kitchen décor, like: floor, backslash, floor, counter tiles, etc. Or you can choose the kind of tiles that stand in a stark contrast from the rest of the décor tiles. Tiles do not only add more style to your kitchen, but also provides more ease when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. There are different types of kitchen tiles and décor ideas, readily available in the market:

There are basically two main types of kitchen tiles style. One of it is the metal ceiling tiles. You can choose the kind of metal to give it a classic look or modern look.

Classic look can be achieved with the tin metal ceiling tiles. It will make your kitchen look vintage and authentic. The concept of using tin kitchen ceilings originated in 1800s for its affordability and its ability to protect from fire. Now it is used as a powerful way to bring old-style, genuine and strong look to your kitchen. For the modern look, you can use any tile that is different than tin, like copper or imitation of some other metal.

Another basic type of ceiling is called the wood ceiling tiles. It gives a warm and cozy look to the kitchen. You can either use the wood as it is, in its natural form which will give it a much rustic look. Or you can use colored wood for a well-harmonious look, merging with the rest of the color to the kitchen. You can use a variety of colors for wooden kitchen ceilings, like: pine, maple, cherry, walnut, bamboo, and ash.

A contemporary idea of suspended ceilings is very popular these days. These ceilings give a modern look to the house and you can experiment a lot of new things with it. Lighting can be the main feature of this ceiling and an acoustical board or translucent plastic can be used for the same purpose.

Whenever you go in the market to buy ceiling tiles for your kitchen, the important thing to remember is to understand the depth of your kitchen décor. Figure out what floors do you want, what kind of cabinet you will get, what is the overall theme of the kitchen and what will be the thematic color of your kitchen and then, plan your ceilings according to it. Or you can go the other way as well; you can design your kitchen décor with the focus on the ceiling. If that is the case then, you should plan out what ceiling you would like, what tile would go perfectly with it and what theme it represents. Then you can plan the rest of the décor.

With tiles, ceilings become easy to clean and maintain but, if there is a chip in the tiles then it needs immediate repairing, otherwise it spoils the look of the whole ceiling.