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There are both advantages and disadvantages of using granite tiles in kitchen.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Granite Tiles in Kitchen

Granite, a material popularly used while building as well as renovating homes, is basically a volcanic rock. Owing to its versatility as well as strength, the stone is finding an increasing use for construction purposes. Even when we talk about kitchen tiles, granite occupies a prominent place amongst the various options. It is mainly the hardness, high density and the natural look of granite tiles that has homeowners falling in love with it. These tiles also enhance the visual appeal of a kitchen, making it appear all the more attractive.

Granite serves as an excellent flooring material. If you plan to remodel your kitchen and give it a distinctive look, then going in for granite tiling is a good option. Granite tiles are also soft touch to touch and do not feel hard underfoot. Being scratch as well as stain resistant, they are also one of the best options for kitchen walls and countertop. In short, we can say that available in a large number of hues and designs, the granite tiles for kitchen are surely becoming the talk of the town, in the present times.

Why Granite Tile for Kitchen?
  • One of the main reasons why most of the people prefer to opt for granite tiles, as far as their kitchen is concerned, is that they prove to be highly cost effective, making a low construction/renovation budget almost no problem at all.
  • Granite tiles are extremely durable in nature and have the capacity to endure a high amount of wear and tear. After installing granite kitchen tiles, you can breathe a sigh of relief for decades and forget about remodeling.
  • Being a very strong material, granite is quite resistant to scratches. This makes granite tiles the perfect choice for a kitchen, considering the high traffic that the room endures.
  • An advantage of granite tiles, which comes specifically useful in case of kitchen, is that they are not porous in nature and are water-resistant to a high degree.
  • Granite tiles have a natural resistance to heat, making them perfect for kitchen floor. At the same time, they do not stain too easily and thus, are easy to clean and maintain.
The Disadvantages
  • One of the main disadvantages that you encounter in case of granite tiles is that they offer very limited options, in terms of patterns as well as colors. Thus, they are not likely to suit each and every kitchen Decor.
  • Granite tiles are very heavy. In case you want to use them at the countertop, you will have to provide proper support at the base. Otherwise, there will always be the danger of the base of the countertop giving in.