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Know all about kitchen tile selection and design ideas and tips.

Kitchen Tiles

Tiles form a very important part of the kitchen Decor, making or marring it completely. One of their best aspects is that they are available in small sizes, enabling you to create wonderful patterns. At the same time, the variety in colors, sizes and materials of kitchen tiles is almost endless. Apart from being used on the floors, tiles also form a part of the walls, backsplash and even countertops. Not only do kitchen tiles look extremely attractive, but are also stain as well as water resistant. The only flaw with them is that the grout needs to be cleaned regularly. At the same time, you need to replace them when they get chipped or cracked. Still, using tiles in kitchen is a good option.

Kitchen Tile Ideas
  • While making using of tiles in your kitchen, don't make the mistake of going for coordinated colors, between work surface, walls, floor, and the like. Rather, make use of contrasting accent colors and create an impact.
  • One of the main surfaces that you have to coordinate your kitchen tiles with comprises of the doors, and not the worktop. The kitchen tiles should be either of a lighter or darker shade, or a contrasting accent color.
  • While selecting kitchen tiles, try to make use of different materials. An assortment of ceramic, stone, glass and metal tiles can impart an interesting look to your kitchen, which will be affordable as well.
  • Using different tile textures can also work to the advantage of your kitchen. Matt, silk or gloss tiles; un-filled travertine, polished natural stone or porcelain tiles and glass tiles - all lend a different look.
  • The color of kitchen tiles is also something that should be kept in consideration while selecting the tiles. For example, using dark colored tiles as flooring creates the impression of a larger space.
  • While using tiles, do not forget to pay attention on grout color. Using contrasting color can add to the look of the kitchen, but also shows grouting or tiling mistakes easily. On the other hand, coordinating grout color creates a seamless effect.
Selecting the Right Tiles
  • Backsplash is the area that catches most of the spills of day-to-day cooking, so make sure that the tiles you use for the same are easy to clean as well as maintain. At the same time, they should impart a bit of character to the kitchen.
  • While selecting the floor tiles, remember that they will have to bear the maximum brunt, of spills, knocking of pots and pans, etc. So, they need to strong and tough. This is one of the main reasons why glass tiles don't work well in this case, except as accents.
  • For floor tiles, glazed tiles will not work too well, since they tend to get very slippery with a little bit of water also. At the same time, kitchen floor tiles should not be too porous or they will absorb the stains and spills too quickly, making it difficult for you to clean them.
  • Kitchen walls catch your eye very easily. So, make sure to give a lovable look to them. In this case, you can use feature tiles, borders and pattern designs to lend individuality.
  • In case of the countertop, the tiles should be durable, heat resistant, non-porous and easy to clean as well. Since this is the place you will be working on, when in kitchen, make sure you like it well enough.
Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Design Ideas
Backsplash is one of the most eye-catching areas of a kitchen, especially if done well. Amongst all the types of kitchen backsplashes, the tile one is found to be the most appealing. It is very easy to install and provides lots of options, in terms of color, shape, style as well as texture. Apart from that, kitchen tile backsplash also acts as a protective barrier, shielding the wall's surface against the splash of everyday cooking.

Kitchen Ceiling Tile Design And Décor Ideas
Whenever we think of beautifying our kitchen, it is usually the ceiling that we often tend to overlook. If you embellish your kitchen ceiling with the tiles, it can give a revitalizing look to your kitchen. The ceiling tiles make the kitchen appear brighter and livelier.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles in Kitchen
Ceramic tiles are thin slabs of clay, in the form of shale, gypsum or sand, converted into a material known as bisque. This bisque is given the shape of tiles and hardened, through the process of firing, in kiln with temperature up to 2500 deg F. Best known for their durability; these tiles are also very cost effective and add to the beauty of a place.

How to Buy Kitchen Floor Tiles
When you enter a house, be it any room, the first thing that catches your attention is the floor. The same holds true for kitchen also. When you step into any kitchen, your eyes first tend to glance at the floor. If the flooring is not interesting enough, the entire kitchen starts giving a dull and ordinary look.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Granite Tiles in Kitchen
Granite, a material popularly used while building as well as renovating homes, is basically a volcanic rock. Owing to its versatility as well as strength, the stone is finding an increasing use for construction purposes. Even when we talk about kitchen tiles, granite occupies a prominent place amongst the various options.

Advantages of Using Metal Tiles in Kitchen
Kitchen forms one of the most important rooms in a house, where almost all the family members spend a considerable amount of their time. It is only justified that the room be made to look as warm and inviting as possible, yet serve practical purposes. When it comes to checking out tiles for adorning the walls, floor and even the ceiling of your kitchen, metal comes across as a popular option.

Why Choose Mosaic Tiles for Kitchen?
When the talk is about modernizing your kitchen flooring, there are plenty of tile options to choose from. However, in the contemporary times, it is the trendy mosaic kitchen tiles that are increasingly becoming the choice of people, mainly owing to their versatility.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Tiles in Kitchen
Stainless steel, which once had its use limited to utensils and cutlery, has made inroads into the other aspects of kitchen as well. These days, you can fid stainless steel beings used, in the form of tiles, in kitchen backsplashes as well as for countertops.

Kitchen Tile Cleaning Tips
Kitchen is an area that experiences high rate of trafficking and this explains the reason why it gets dirty so soon. Therefore, there arises a need to clean it on a regular basis. Installing the tiles in kitchen does not put an end to your duties. Infact, you get an additional job of clearing the mess and garbage.