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Maintaining and cleaning your kitchen tiles can a troublesome ordeal if you are not familiar with the exact cleaning techniques for the particular type of tiles in your kitchen.

Kitchen Tile Cleaning Tips

Kitchen is generally the busiest and messiest area of the house. And if you have got your kitchen decorated and invested your money and time into it, then you should look after it, for it to long last. If you the décor of your kitchen include beautiful tiles on the floor, counter, ceiling, etc. then it becomes all the more important to keep them in a good shape and regularly clean them. Cleaning the tiles on the regular basis will make that the color or quality or the original look of the tiles will not fade and there are no chips in it. Clean, sparkling and immaculate tiles look beautiful and cleaning it with effective tools and techniques will make sure that the tiles of your kitchen looks that way. After all, it is how you intended it to be when you first got it for your kitchen. But like everything else, this too needs some care and hard work. But the rewards are many; you will not have to get it repaired from time to time which will save you a lot of money and your kitchen will retain it fresh look for a long time. It is not a cumbersome procedure if you work on it intelligently. Every type of tile has a different constitution and texture, which means that you need to know what specific kind of tiles you have and what cleaning material does it require. If you use the specific cleaning product on the tiles of your kitchen then your work will be less and way more effective. There are some basic tips to clean the kitchen tiles:
  • Ceramic Tile: These are the easiest to clean since it can be cleaned only with warm water, which makes it easier to maintain. But the trick is to sweep the floor or hoover the floor first. Sweeping or hoovering the floor will help you get rid of the loose dirt, otherwise it will get stuck in the grout tracks and to remove it from there can become a painful task Using a micro-fiber mop will make it much easier to clean the ceramic tile floors. If you decide to use the rag mop then, make sure that wipe the floor in a circular motion and wipe the base and doors of the cabinets as well. For any difficult grout situation, use a brush.
  • Hardwood Tiles: There is a home-made technique to clean hardwood floors. All you have to do is take boiling water and put two tea bags in it. The tea bags will leave its tannic acid in the boiling water and this combination will help to clean the hardwood floors. You merely have to damp the cloth in the tea infused boiling water and wipe the floor with it. This will bring a sparkling shine to your floor and make it look like brand new instantly.
  • Marble Tile: Marble, travertine and limestone are the stone tile carrying the properties of calcium. To maintain these tiles is relatively easy once you know how. These tiles need care, nonetheless, to maintain their shiny, luxurious and classy look. You should protect these tiles from stains. You should use neutral pH cleaners for calcite-based tiles. Cleaners with acidic properties will destroy its look. Any food product with acidic quality to it should not be allowed to settle on these tiles, for it might react with it. Spillages should be cleaned immediately. Soft mops or rugs should be used so that there is no probability of scratches.
  • Granite Tiles: These tiles are much hardy as compared to marble, travertine and limestone. It does not need as much taking care of but does ask for a periodical re-polishing, so that it does not lose its shine and look coarse. It might also be a good idea to not use any acidic cleaning products on it.
  • Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain has quickly taken the place of ceramic or stone tiles, because of its cost effectiveness and durability. Porcelain is designed to bear a lot of wear and tear without getting much affected.  It is also resistant to stains. You can only use soap and water to clean it.
  • Plastic Tiles: These tiles can bear a lot of wear and tear but need polishing, for it can look dull very quickly. A solution of water and vinegar can bring its glowing shine back.
  • Rubber Tiles: These types of tiles are affordable and easy to maintain. This is a part of the contemporary architecture and is used specially in the areas that are supposedly going damper than other spaces. The dirt can easily accumulate on these tiles, so it is a god idea to wash it with splash of water regularly.
Some universal kitchen tiles cleaning tips:
  • For rusty tiles, use some kerosene on it.
  • For discolored grout between the tiles, mix bleach with water, put it in the gaps and after drying, seal it with acrylic sealer.
  • With solution of ammonia and water, you can get rid of mildew on the tiles.
  • Soot settled on the tiles around the fire place can be removed with a mixture of lemon juice and salt.
  • If there are scratches on the wooden tiles then rub it with the crayon of the same color as the tile, to fill in the scratch. Then, blow-dry the area to heat the surface and settle the crayon by buffing it with a cloth.