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Learn about contemporary living room furniture, modern living room furniture and traditional living room furniture.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Ideas

Modern day living rooms focus on comfort and style. Contemporary living room furniture and seating arrangements include leather furniture and stylish contemporary rugs. Beautiful lamp lighting up a strategically placed table can become a beautiful welcome scene to your guests in the living room. You may also add bonsai or flower arrangements to your modern accent table to enliven up your living room. Leather furniture and settees, lounge chairs and single seat sofas are quite comfortable and go well with modern living room furniture plans. Floor lamps lighting up a corner of your living room can add dramatic touch to your living room.

Modern living room furniture can use mix and match seating and furniture options. Modernistic, sleek or creative tables, side tables with glass tops, benches and ottomans and contemporary rugs can be arranged well in your living and family room to give an oriental look to your living room or an earthy feel to it. Glass top tables create illusion of space and so are best for small living rooms. Living rooms that double up as dining rooms may also need to accommodate dining room furniture such as dining tables with glass or metal tops, dining chairs and may be modern seating style bars tools. You can layer the lights and use ceiling light fixtures and contemporary lighting to change the look and feel of the room at different times.

Contemporary living room furniture or modern living room furniture refers to the furniture style that belongs later than 1950s and 60s. Any furniture belonging to the period before that generally comes under traditional living room furniture while that belonging to the nineteenth century or before that is broadly referred to as antique. Innovation and creativity makes contemporary furniture a hot favorite among those who love to live in style. The comfort level defines its usability though. You can experiment with contemporary living room furniture available in different materials including tubular metals and vinyl. An understated monochromatic color scheme makes it fit easily in all types of decor themes.

Curvilinear shapes are safer for households with kids while multipurpose contemporary furniture pieces with integrated modular elements are a boon for small living rooms and apartment living rooms. The most sought after contemporary living room furniture pieces are pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, abstract light sources and modular sofas. While space saving modern living room furniture lends an organized look to your living room, the traditional living room furniture in circle, rectangle and square shapes is being increasingly abandoned in favor of more contemporary creative furniture pieces that are shaped as ellipses, oblongs, flares, in shape of S or even kidney along with other myriad designs. Modern living room furniture pieces flaunt style and elegance.

Accent chairs can fill up the empty space for additional seating area while wicker coffee and end tables are light, elegant and answer to additional space to keep your things. It adds a bit of country, tropical and oriental touch to your living room. Contemporary home entertainment units or TV stands are often the focal point of the apartment living room and include home theater furniture, beautiful TV stands with glass tops, funky and interesting CD and DVD holders, DVD players, hi-fi audio systems, plasma TV and its stands and other such electronic paraphernalia. You may want to display some art piece on sleek wall mounted shelves or have ottomans with wide drawer base. The corner and small sized furniture pieces can also improve the comfort level in small modern living rooms.