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Know how to choose living room lamp and living room table lamp.

Tips for Buying Living Room Lamp

Living room lamp has to fulfill both decorative and functional purposes. While lighting requirements are important, it is a must for living room lamps to complement the Decor too. How to choose a table lamp or a lamp that fits well with your living room decoration is a tricky situation but we will discuss some tips and tricks in this article that will help you to choose an appropriate living room lamp easily. Living rooms and guest rooms reflect the lifestyle of the family, the personality of the homeowner and are intended to make guests feel warm and comfortable while making a style statement. Living room lamps have a major role in the living room arrangement.

Classic and contemporary ceiling lights are quite popular these days as they fit in easily with all the living room tradition trends. The look best in large sized rooms with elite decorations and give a rich feel to the room. Small living rooms can use a torchiere lamp as it fits in easily in the tightest corner easily, given its range of shapes and heights. A taller torcheire lamp may even add to the height of the room. They are available in various colors and are best placed in the reading area to serve as a task light or perhaps to give a diffused lighting throughout the room from the corner it highlights. A floor lamp is best to illuminate or highlight the best living room feature such as the artwork or our collections.

Living rooms that double up as work areas can use a table lamp too or you can just use the table lamp by the side o your armchair or the sofa to help you do some leisurely reading or knitting better. While traditional yellow incandescent bulbs are most popular and inexpensive, halogen bulbs are much brighter and almost seem to give natural light. They are much more efficient and live about two to three times longer. Fluorescent bulbs are bright, energy-efficient requiring very low wattage and have long life. High-quality fluorescent bulbs can be quite expensive but may prove more efficient in the long run. Lamps are available in various styles but you must choose theme carefully to suit the design theme of our living room.

Classic living rooms or large and formal living rooms can use a classic torchiere lamp with a bronze or wood body and glass tiffany shade to match with large wooden tables, rich curtains and fine art paintings and portraits. A contemporary living room can use modernistic, sleek torchiere lamp with a steel finish or wall sconces. Ceiling, torchiere and table lamps can together be used for ambient lighting in your living room. Use chandeliers or ceiling lamps only when your ceiling is 8 feet or higher. Take care to take the length of the chandelier or other ceiling lamp into account and its parameters to calculate the perfect hanging distance between the ceiling lamp and floor and the appropriate size of the chandelier that you should choose for your living room.

Desk lamps come in various styles and colors and should be chosen in appropriate size according to the desk or table on which they find their lace. A freestanding floor lamp or the floor lamp that can fit well into a corner or on the wall can lend an elegant look to your living room. You may use torchiere lamp along with a reading lamp to illuminate a couch or a sitting area can be illuminated with a reading light along with general lighting system. You may also use torchiere lamps with rotating shades that allow you to direct the light and change the look and feel of your living room almost instantly.