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Understand living room lighting and read about living room light and living room lighting ideas.

Choosing Living Room Lighting & Fixtures

Living room lighting aims to eliminate dark rooms and enhance visibility, comfort and add to the aesthetic sense of the room. Living room light plays an important role in decorating living rooms. Changing the wall color may also warrant the change in living room lighting. Walls with light and cool colors may have different needs than the ones with deep and rich colors. Living room lighting ideas generally include layers of lighting such as general lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting. In a living room with deep colored walls, brightness is an essential point to keep in mind. General lighting such as ceiling lighting generally diffuses modest amount of light over a large area, which may be insufficient to brighten up a dark living room or living room walls in deep colors.

Ambient lighting, as the name suggests, helps to create a particular mood or ambience in the room and can be achieved by indirect lights such as down lights and up lights that seem to throw a glow of light in a flushing pattern up or down the wall and give a din glow throughout the room. They immediately attract attention. Task lighting helps you to do specific tasks efficiently. In a dark romantic living room with dim lights, you will need to use task lights that will brighten up certain work areas such as reading area and sewing area, so you have ample light while working and do not have to strain your eyes. Decorative lighting is usually of fashionable type to give the unique and rich feel to the room.

Permanent lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces along with portable lighting systems such as table lamps are usually a part of decorative lighting in the living rooms. Chandeliers add sparkle to the entire living room. The brightest chandeliers are the ones with clear bulbs and made up of crystal or glass though nowadays they are available in variety of options. Table lamps are decorative just because of the sheer variety in which they are available but they are quite functional too and can make good task lights for quite reading.

You may choose three-way bulbs in which you can choose the light intensity depending on what purpose you are using the lamp at the moment. Focal Lighting helps you to highlight a particular artwork or display of collectibles and curios in the living room. They may or may not throw silhouettes on the wall depending on how you want to arrange it. It is also known as accent lighting and make your art, sculpture or favorite part of your room, the focal point of the room. You may use recessed lights, adjustable down lights and track lighting for the purpose. A darker living room wills use more lighting options than a lighter living room.

Light up a home theater well and you can instantly jazz up your living room. You can use living room light on side walls and use several down lights creating a valance projecting light along the wall. You may also use a pair of wall sconces on the side wall. When you are watching a show, you may prefer dim lights, so make arrangements for that. You may also use low dim accent lights to highlight a particular media related collectible in the living room and have recessed down lights installed above your seating area. Understand that living room lighting can change the color and look of your room too, so do not overlook it when you are remodeling the house.