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This article is about small living rooms, decorating idea for small living room and small living room makeover.

Right Décor and Layout for Small Living Rooms

One never seems to have enough space but decorating small living rooms is quite a challenge. The first decorating idea for a small living room that you need to implement is to paint its walls and ceilings in a 'cool' color such as many shades of blue and green. Paint the ceiling in a color lighter than the walls to make the room look more spacious. Stick to one color family for your small living room makeover and create interest in the room by using combination of matte and glossy paints of the same color. Paint the walls in the matte paint while you can use glossy paint of the same color for window and door trims and for moldings on the walls.

Hanging window treatments right from the ceiling add to the room's height while soft fabric or drapery that extends to the ground and then some more, add elegance and formal look to your room. Use of large-scale objects is a modern trend in small living rooms and makes it appear larger too. You may use an oversized screen, picture frame or pattern to make the room look more spacious. Screens help you to create a personal corner or a separate living space and are especially preferred in apartments where there are not enough rooms for each member of the family. Small decorating ideas can make a big difference to the look of your living room.

Small living rooms are such a problem because of the multitude of functions it is expected to perform and the number and amount of facilities we would like it to accommodate. Traditionally, living rooms have giant furniture pieces and oversized accents such as ten-section couch, bulky armchairs and even a big-screen TV. Yet, all these are not practical to use in a small apartment living room and one has to rely on living big small size tricks for making the best and optimum use of your small living space. Choose a decorating theme based on your favorite color, patterns such as Oriental or French and style such as rustic, formal, Victorian or contemporary.

You may choose a non-traditional and unusual living room decor and infuse your individuality in it but be cautious enough to remain subtle and not overdo it all. Magazines with your favorite superstar on the cover page or a Barbie dressed in Madonna style displayed on your shelf can be included in your living room decor to make it special and welcoming for you. Look for small-scale furniture that can be easily found these days. You may choose one large furniture item such as sofa to be the focal point of your small living room. If you want to have a sofa but want to shift your focal point too, add colorful or unusual accent pieces to take away the attention from the larger item.

Too many small items can also cause clutter, so use only what is absolutely necessary. If your living room has enough space, opt for lesser number of larger items that greater number of smaller items such as four chairs should be replaced by three loveseats and better still by two large couches. For efficiency sake, you may use different scale of furniture too. One tall cabinet, grandfather clock or a tall lamp in a small living room where all the other furniture is small and low, add height to the room and look interesting. Use combination of mirrors and light fixtures to open up the space in a room. One large mirror with ambient lighting or several small mirrors positioned strategically on a wall can create an unique look to your living room.