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Here are tips on small space living and idea on how to make best use of space, while living in small homes.

Small Living Space Decorating Ideas

For efficient small space living, you have to keep in mind the area available at all times and need compact multi-functional furniture pieces and furnishings that optimize usable space quite effectively. Here are some tips from us:
  • An elevated loft bed is a great item to make use of vertical room space while open shelves instead of chest of drawers can be used to accommodate more books and magazines.
    Display your handmade quilts and throws that make the bed look warm and elegant at the same time.
  • Fashionable bright-colored washable slipcovers can make your mismatched furniture pieces look coordinated and in harmony with each other.
  • Keep things you want to hide away from view in containers that can be stored under the bed.
  • Make your tiny bedroom look comfortable and inviting by adding soft pillows of all sizes and shapes.
  • Maximize the use of vertical wall space by adding bookcases and shelves.
  • Nail some hanging wall shoe pockets at the inside of your closet door, where you can keep your shoes, socks, gloves and even your handkerchiefs.
  • Use bright colors and make use of fabrics complimenting your bed linens, throws and pillows, to add a romantic touch to your tiny home, apartment or dorm Decor.
  • Use filing cabinets and decorated stackable crates as a cheap option for keeping your place organized.
  • You can also use your large storage trunk as a table.
  • You may like to add a personal touch to your tastefully decorated tiny home by selecting a color scheme for your walls, furniture and furnishings beforehand.
  • You may utilize space underneath the loft bed by accommodating your entertainment area or work desk underneath it along with a beautiful floor lamp and ottoman to rest your tired legs. Even this ottoman can have the storage area to hide away magazines and bills to be paid.
  • You may want to add a small futon for an additional seating area.
Useful Ideas for Decorating Small Homes
Living in a small space is tough, especially when you have to abide by the rental rules formulated by your landlord. Moreover, decorating options are very less, since you cannot experiment much with the limited space.

Ideas & Tips for Maximizing Storage
Are you living in an apartment that does not have adequate storage space? Do you want to clear the clutter in your home? If yes, then opt for the storage systems that can make your home look bigger than usual.

Tips For Keeping Homes Organized
Using space effectively is an important art, especially when you are living in small apartments. Know the difference between not having enough space to store your things and not making the best use of your space.

Home Organizing Tips for Tenants
Most landlords do not allow you to make drastic changes to their homes or install new cabinets and shelves, according to your needs. Organizing homes remain a priority for busy students or office going people or even housewives with scores of other work to take care of other than children.