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Here are some excellent storage space tips, ideas on hidden storage space in kitchens and bathrooms and how to maximize space for living in homes.

Ideas & Tips for Maximizing Storage

Are you living in an apartment that does not have adequate storage space? Do you want to clear the clutter in your home? If yes, then opt for the storage systems that can make your home look bigger than usual. Today, the market is virtually flooded with furniture and storage systems that can help you make the most of your space, available at home, for storage and work. You can also maximize the storage space by finding the hidden storage areas of your home. Here we are to help you with some tips and ideas on maximizing the storage of your home.

Hidden Storage Ideas
  • The first step is to get rid of all the clutter. Collect the old and unwanted stuff that have been occupying a whole lot of space in your drawers, cupboards and closets in your home, and dispose them off. That way, you will ensure that all the storage areas are occupied by only the useful stuff.
  • Furniture is some of the most visible, but 'hidden' storage spaces. For instance, a bed frame with a small shelf can be a nice storage options, which could store small pieces of clothing like undergarments, socks and toys of your kids. You may also purchase boxed bed, which can be used to store heavy blankets and other stuff.
  • Apart from books, you may store your office files and stationery items in your bookshelf.
  • Make use of shelves and vanity cabinet for storing bathroom essentials and grooming products in the bathroom.
  • Instead of heavy, bulky chairs, you may use ottomans with storage area underneath them. Another nice option is a bar stool set, which can be stacked in the corner when not in use.
  • Dressing table is a hidden storage space. You may include slide-in drawers or shelves in the dressing table, to give more space for the cosmetics and your accessories. If there is any space left, you can also store old magazines in them.
  • To maximize storage in bathroom and kitchen, make the best use of under-sink areas in the rooms.
  • Talking about kitchen, the place can look cramped by the wrong use of storage space. Use vertical slide-in shelves in the kitchen to hang pots and pans.
  • Large, sealable plastic vacuum bags are the best options for storing clothing and bedding. They are versatile storage systems, because the air inside the bags can be sucked out using a vacuum, in order to make them smaller and easy to fit into places. You may store them under your bed.
  • Multi-function furniture can be the best bet to store electronics, without creating a clutter. Make use of such a furniture to store your television, music system and DVD player. You may get a furniture that has storage space for the electronics as well as some areas designated for storing small items like CDs.